Young Hearts for Giving

Elementary Students Raise Funds for Local Public Services

Some could say youth don’t have the means or the skills to make a difference. But sometimes their enthusiasm and innocence have a bigger impact than those much older.

This is true for a group of elementary girls who have big hearts and a desire to help their community. In August, a new “business” opened in Spirit Lake called “Boom O’ Loom Bracelets.” Ran by third and fourth graders, these enthusiastic girls started making loom bracelets and selling them for a quarter. The desire was to donate the money made to Lakes Regional Healthcare in Spirit Lake.

“We wanted to make some of the patients feel better,” third grader Josie Holter said.

The girls made $8 off their bracelets, and Josie’s dad Lee matched the funds. Josie and her friend Olivia Renken brought the items to the hospital and saw how their efforts could brighten someone else’s day.

“When we left, I felt really good knowing I helped someone,” Renken said about the experience.

Boom O’ Loom Bracelets started in the Holter’s garage and has increased in numbers and bracelets. There are now 11 neighborhood girls, ranging from Kindergarten through 4th grade, who assist with bracelet making, packaging, and selling efforts.

Over 35,000 rubber bands were purchased and colors of sports teams are favorite requests. The bracelets are sold for $1 to increase donation profits, and the girls take special orders.

As of Oct. 1, the girls have made over 200 bracelets and another $100, which they donated to the Spirit Lake Police Department.

“We really want to help people,” Macy Pruin said. “It makes you feel good when you make someone else feel good.”

These girls are impacting the world with their next fundraising efforts, as Boom O’ Loom is focused on creating Christmas presents for children in the hospital, Operation Christmas Child, and for local families needing an extra touch during the holiday season.

For anyone with bracelet orders or who would like to donate towards the girls’ efforts, they can email

Never underestimate the power of a young child wanting
to bring joy to the world!