Dermus Skincare Offers Bridal Makeup Packages for the Special Day

A wedding day is a moment in time where beautiful dreams come true! The couple is in their finest and countless preparations have taken place leading up to the special event. For a bride, she finds a gorgeous gown and has her hair specially done. Many brides will also utilize special makeup services to ensure ultimate beauty on their wedding day.

At Lake Life Okoboji, we are honored to celebrate a wonderful couple Tyler Rosengren and Tara Lehner this June. Tara is one of our talented graphic designers, and she’s counting down the days until she walks down the aisle. In preparation for this special day, Tara visited Dermus Skincare in Spencer and had a bridal makeup consultation with owner Robin Edwards.

A bridal makeup package at Dermus Skincare costs $85 and includes a practice run and the final appointment. Edwards also provides the bride with a goody bag designed to help the bride through the stress of the day. “This way if you do cry, the makeup will stay on but you may have a different texture in that spot. There is pressed powder to even out the spot, matching blush to pat and bring back color, and matching lip color to refresh,” she said.

Trial Run:
Edwards and the bride always have a trial run before the final appointment. She wants everyone on the same page, as sometimes a bride says she wants a lot of eyeliner or prefers a soft natural look. Some women will bring in pictures but a certain look may not always be appropriate for different skin complexions.

“We have all scenarios which is why a trial run is a must. We also go through colors and make sure we have it all nailed down so the final appointment is relaxing and special for the big day.”

If a person isn’t generally a huge make-up wearer, she suggests giving the cheeks a little darker contour and subtle color to the eyes and lips. “I will do whatever the bride wants and provide assistance if it’s requested,” Edwards said.

Before the big day and putting on bridal makeup, Edwards recommends a waxing and eyebrow shaping. “Everyone has a genetic code and cutting the hair isn’t going to make it grow any differently than it was before,” she said. “By waxing or shaving, the makeup will go on significantly better.”

She also suggests dermaplaning a week prior to exhilarate peach fuzz, so the hair isn’t ripped or pulled out. Another suggestion is to couple the treatment with a rejuvenating facial, especially if the bride is acne prone.

One of the first things Edwards will do during the final appointment is to airbrush downward, as the treatment covers up everything. “Except a picked scab,” she said. “If you have a scab, don’t pick it as it makes it harder to cover up.”

When Edwards uses the airbrush, the bride’s eyes are closed and the treatment creates a smooth, even canvas. She said this process is ideal for any age, whether a bride is the traditional age or a woman renewing her vows at 50 years and has sun damage.

“The airbrush creates its own canvas and becomes an eraser for redness on skin or dark spots,” she said.

The second part of the process is called baking, and it cements the appropriate foundation color to the skin. “This way if you cry, the foundation won’t move and you don’t have to worry,” Edwards said.

Depending on where the ceremony is taking place, Edwards can use a shimmer or matte foundation. However, she recommends not using a shimmer option if the ceremony or all wedding photography takes place outdoors. “Shimmer is reflective and the flash will pick this up,” she said. “Especially shimmer on the lids, as the flash will go there first and the eyelids will then jump out.”

Edwards said using primer is a must, as all brides usually cry at some point during the day, or they have their face smashed into a guest’s face during the receiving line. “I want the makeup to hold up for camera flashes and grandma’s hugs,” she said.

In the upper part of the eyelid, she will use a matte foundation. From there, she will tweak the makeup according to where the pictures and ceremony will take place. Edwards applies the makeup in natural light because this is where guests will see a bride’s face.  “I’m also going to assume during summer months, it’s going to be 90 degrees and 90% humidity and that makeup has to stay in place.”

She also uses her own personal makeup brushes because she knows this is the biggest day of a bride’s life. “I also always do a bride’s makeup the way they want to look that day,” she said. “Recently, I did a wedding where the colors were slate blue, navy blue, and a peachy coral, and we adapted the makeup to beautifully match those colors.”

During the makeup process, Edwards also hides all mirrors until the reveal at the end.

After the foundation is baked on, powder will go over the face. Edwards may find stray eyelashes or eye shadow snowflakes flaking onto the cheek. Later on if this happens, the bride or her personal attendant can just whisk them away, and it doesn’t hurt the eye shadow or foundation application. Eye shadow is selected to match the bride’s style and colors of the special day.

Edwards will sculpt full brows and chisel them to pop on the face by using a touch of hairspray. If there isn’t access to a brow brush, she suggests using a Q-tip to brush hairspray onto the brow to create a nice sculpted look.

She has the bride look at a spot on the floor and then places on liner to make the lashes really big and full. For Tara, she didn’t add a lot of highlighter to the face since the wedding will be outside. Next, Edwards used a primer and then a heated eyelash curler. This crimper is in an L shape. “Use the primer first and then curler,” she said. “Don’t use a flat iron as it’s too hot and it will burn the eyelid.”

Another suggestion Edwards has is to use Blinc Mascara, as the product is rubberized tubes that surround the eyelashes. Once the big day is complete, all a bride needs is to use warm water to wash the mascara out. The tubes all come off and leave the lashes intact. “There also isn’t any harsh chemical, the product is water based and it leaves the eyelashes in great condition,” she explained.

Next in the process is mascara. If a bride needs temporary eyelash extensions, they are available at an additional cost and easily attach to the eye making them look long, full, and natural. She doesn’t use strip extensions.

Edwards says if any mascara slips onto skin, she recommends leaving it for a couple minutes and let it dry, as it will then flake right off and leaves no mess. “If you try to clean it off while it’s wet or damp, the mascara will smudge onto the skin and you will have to take everything off and start all over again in that area.”

If there’s a tear during the wedding, just dab. Edwards says don’t wipe because than makeup could also smear.

There are countless lip colors to pick from for the special day. Edwards will guide the color process according to what the bride desires. If suggestions are needed, she will provide examples. Once lip color has been added, she says to put the finger in the mouth and wrap the lips around it. She said this Brooke Shield’s makeup trick will grab any excess lipstick and place it on the finger, rather than going to the teeth.


The Reveal:
Once Edwards has completed the makeup process, she brings out the mirror to display a beautiful masterpiece! For Tara, the reveal produced instant smiles, laughter, and excitement as well as a few tears. Good time to practice that dabbing technique!

This connection Edwards develops with the bride is special and makes the wedding day all the more treasured.