Cycling Around the Iowa Great Lakes

Okoboji Cyclist can Assist with All Your Biking Needs
The Dickinson County trail system is a wonderful way to explore the Iowa Great Lakes region, whether biking the Spine Trail or enjoying the new addition of the Tatanka Ska Trace Trail. Many families enjoy the trails for a leisurely trek to get ice cream or to explore areas they haven’t yet seen. Experienced riders enjoy whizzing the 30+ Terril loop or taking a ride up to Jackson, MN.

“Biking is a cool way to explore our area! While it is something to do, biking also lets families see everything!” said Taylor Huseman, owner of Okoboji Exhibition Company. “We have locals or visitors who come and rent bikes from us and come back and say we never noticed that “place” before. You see so many different things when out on bike; things you miss while driving by.”

Every year, new sections are added to the Dickinson County Trail system. In 2020, the Tatanka Ska Trace trail was completed to Highway 86, as well as a connector from Cutty’s Resorts along Triboji and to the Dog Park. This summer, the trail will be connected to the West Okoboji Trail, as well as expanding the rail trail another mile west to Montgomery. Eventually, the trail will connect with the Osceola trail system.

Other upcoming plans include new railing and lighting for the trestle bridge between East and West Okoboji Lakes, and in partnership with Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, the construction of a trailhead has begun at the junction of Tatanka Ska Trace and the Spine Trail intersect, across the street from Hy-Vee in Spirit Lake.

The trailhead will be a focal point for the trails system in the heart of Spirit Lake and features designs inspired by Native American beadwork, northwest Iowa’s prairie landscape, and several railroad themes, tying all the important pieces of the Iowa Great Lakes together.

“It’s really exciting to see how the Dickinson County Trails System is constantly paving and connecting new trails for our area,” Huseman said. “It is bringing families to our area with a mission of exploring everything on bikes.”

The new facilities at the trailhead will include restrooms, shaded areas that include picnic tables and benches, as well as a water fountain, bike workstation, and charging station.

“Overall, the project will beautify the area and create a relaxing and natural space,” said Erin Reed, DCTB President. “The DCTB is excited to bring this new amenity to the Iowa Great Lakes Trails system, and we look forward to a grand opening in early summer.”

Okoboji Cyclist Expanding
For many years, Okoboji Expedition Company has been located in the heart of the Okoboji and across the street from East Lake Okoboji. These Okoboji cyclists have assisted bikers of all ages and with all types of bikes.

“At Okoboji Cyclist, we don't just sell and fix bikes. We truly believe in bikes and the powerful, positive effect they can have for each of us. We want to be a part of every aspect of your ride, from start to finish,” Huseman shared.

Huseman said they recently purchased the old Melander’s Building in Milford and are excited to move their business to the bigger building.

“Biking is like clothes, there is a bike for every occasion and every person,” he said.

Bikes can be purchased for family riding, gravel, fat tires, or Ebikes. Okoboji Cyclist will also make sure the bike is custom fit for your body type and equipped with the right tools.

“We are so happy to get you set up in the right bike for you,” Huseman said. “For one, you aren’t going to take a mountain bike out on the road or vice versa. We want to get you properly equipped so you can enjoy the trails.”

One of the things Huseman enjoys about cycling is how he has seen so many lives changed by getting on a bike. A customer rents a bike or purchases a new bike, and they start exploring the area. Suddenly, they are biking around the lake and adding distance.

“It is so exciting to see so many lives changed by getting on a bike. They become healthier, they make new friends, and they enjoy our community,” Huseman said. “The trail system provides the infrastructure for all of this to take place.”

The DCTS continues to find ways to improve and add to the current trail system. Not only with the addition of the Tatanka Ska Trace trail that heads west, there are plans to also build south.

On January 13, the Iowa Transportation Commission awarded the DCTB $285,690 in Federal Recreational Trails Funding for Phase 1 of the Clay County Connection. The trail will start at the south end of Milford and will be the first segment on the way to connect with the Clay County recreational trails.

“Overall, the trail will be part of the Iowa Great Lakes Connection, a trail of statewide significance that will link several lakes in northwest Iowa,” Reed shared. “Plans for the trail include connecting several existing shared-used paths in four counties for a total of 135 miles. The DCTB and CCTA are excited to continue the growth of recreational opportunities and promote bicycle tourism is both counties.”

For anyone who would like to donate to Friends of the Trails, visit For those cyclists who would like to rent, learn about group rides, or need to purchase a new bike, visit or call Huseman at 712-332-9001.