Drip Okoboji Provides Another Method for Staying Healthy

When you push your body to the limit, more is lost than just fluids. Other times, the body isn’t 100% and requires assistance in overcoming a deficiency. IV hydration therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that administers combinations of electrolyte packed IV fluids directly into the bloodstream, replenishing lost nutrients and electrolytes instantly.

Drip Okoboji is a locally owned IV infusion treatment center. Opening last spring, Registered Nurses Misty Dulin and Brenda Hassel were excited to bring another health benefit to the Iowa Great Lakes area.

“Whether you’re an athlete who needs an energy boost or someone who needs supplemental nutrients, we have hydration combinations that can give an energy or immune boost, help with allergies, migraines, or insomnia,” Hassel said. “Everyone is different in what they need, so before an infusion we interview the client to make sure we put together the right combination.”

The two nurses have a Bachelors in Science of Nursing and a combined 45 years of patient care and are skilled in IV starts. Julie Beehler, ARNP MS FNP-BC is Drip Okoboji’s Medical Director, who has also added research and expertise to the IV hydration process.

Initially, they began with six different combinations: athletic performance blend, immune boost infusion, hangover infusion, beauty and glow, energy boost, and Myer’s Cocktail. Since then, they have added a brainstorm infusion and food poisoning infusion. Because IV hydration allows for 100% absorption compared to only 50-60% absorption through oral hydration, the body receives instant results.

“We plan to add a vitamin D deficiency add on this fall, especially during October through March when the body needs it more,” Dulin shared. “Another important add-on to any therapy is Glutathione, which is a major antioxidant and is so good for the body’s health. We also have Toradol for pain and Zofran for nausea, both as add ons.”

Drip Okoboji is located at 3301 Hwy 71 S. Ste 2 in Spirit Lake, next to ReBe Skin and Vein Clinic’s new office. Appointments can be made by calling 712-339-1765 or by booking on their website dripokoboji.com. Ask about student athlete discounts or their punch card. The ladies also offer specials for groups and can open rooms up for a larger gathering. They also do home parties for groups greater than four.

“We want to provide another way for an individual to stay healthy, as we all have different needs and our bodies crave different things,” Hassel added. “Our rooms are private and quiet, where some people work, and others fall asleep. At the same time, two of the rooms open up for large group parties.”

Drip Okoboji believes in combining allopathic (traditional medicine) with naturopathic medicine.