Love at First Sight

Tyler and Kaela Feddersen’s Love Story
Tyler had eyes for Kaela on his first encounter. On a summer day in 2016, Tyler was out with his friends and enjoying a meal at The Hutt in Okoboji. He saw Kaela waitressing and teased with his friends, “I’m going to marry her!”

“He actually had zero interaction with me that day,” Kaela laughed. “Then he actually introduced himself to my sister Kourtney as ‘Kaela’s future boyfriend.’ Of course, Kourtney just laughed and said good luck!”

It didn’t take long for Tyler to ask Kaela out on a date. The couple went to Arnolds Park and sat on a dock, talking and getting to know each other. Several weeks later, they went on an official date and their relationship grew quickly over the following days.

“The first thing I noticed about Kaela was her beautiful blue eyes. After that I am attracted to her happiness. She is always happy and tries to see the best in other people. She is kind and patient. Obviously, her beauty is another thing,” Tyler shared about his bride.

The couple continued to date as they both finished college and graduate school in Mankato, MN. After graduation, they moved out to Colorado.

Engagement Story
Tyler and Kaela went on vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in December 2020. Originally, the trip was supposed to be the family’s Christmas vacation with the Delperdang family and close friends. Tyler and Kaela’s father Dan kept the upcoming engagement surprise a secret, without anyone else knowing.

With their first date right next to the water, Tyler wanted to ask Kaela to marry him on the beach.

“It happened on our second night there. We were watching a show and Tyler asked me to take a walk along the beach,” Kaela remembered. “I was reluctant because I wanted to watch the show, but he convinced me to go. As we were walking, Tyler just kept saying a bunch of ‘I love you’s!’”

Tyler stopped them in front of a light near the water and they reminisced about their first date at Lake Okoboji. While the couple was talking, Kaela’s father rallied everyone together to give them the news and to help celebrate by the beach.

“As we were talking about being by the water, I suddenly realized what was happening! I had been oblivious up until this point,” Kaela shared. “After I said yes, we heard cheers coming from the bushes! My family and our close family friends were able to witness our special moment, which was really cool and very special to me.”

The newly engaged couple then took memorable photos and enjoyed champagne with their family and friends in celebration.

Planning for the Special Day,
Tyler said Kaela and her family did 95% of the wedding planning! “I was (hopefully) helpful whenever she couldn’t quite decide something.”

Kaela was resourceful and used a lot of items and ideas from two previous weddings she participated in as a bridesmaid. “There were things that I loved from both of my friends’ weddings I added into ours,” she said. “Like some of the gifts we gave to our wedding party and parents were from other weddings we were involved in.”

One creative idea was using a raffle ticket drawing for Yeti items, with a Yeti cooler as the grand prize. The money was then used for their honeymoon.

Her sister Kelsey also sent Kaela numerous TikTok videos of fun wedding ideas that she then added into wedding plans. A favorite idea incorporated was a DJ/Photographer Challenge, where the DJ played a song and then Tyler and Kaela went around to each table in the room and took a picture.

“The goal was to get a picture with each table before the song ended. Because we had such a big wedding and couldn’t talk with everyone, it was nice we could get a picture with each group. Plus, the pictures were really funny,” Kaela added.

While the couple didn’t have a specific theme, the colors woven throughout the special day were mauve purple and navy blue. “We both consider purple to be our favorite color and Tyler wanted a navy suit,” Kaela shared.

They bought Kaela’s wedding dress and Tyler’s tux both at Elegance in Okoboji. “Elegance was the first dress shop I went into, and I loved working with Trista,” Kaela remembered. “She was insanely helpful throughout every little detail.”

Kaela tried on a variety of dresses and Trista helped her narrow down her favorites. She said she picked HER dress after she found herself comparing all the others to that particular one. “I tried it on for a second time and started to tear up, picturing me walking down the aisle to Tyler on our wedding day,” Kaela added. “I didn’t think I was going to cry at all. I thought I would just pick one that I liked and move on because I’m not generally very picky. I loved my choice.”

Tyler also bought his tux at Elegance, as he thought it was convenient and liked the idea of picking it out in person.

Kaela’s was so appreciative of her mother’s help throughout the preparation process. Not regularly being in town, Kaela often let Kolette make final decisions on little details like centerpieces.

“I sometimes had a hard time picturing things in my head from afar, so if it wasn’t important to me, I let her pick. I’m so thankful for her help, as I would not have gotten as much done that quickly without her,” she said.

The Special Day
September 18, 2021—the special day was here! All the details and plans came together in perfection, even if a few tweaks were made along the way.

The night before, the families and close friends made memories on the Barefoot Barge for the rehearsal dinner. Portside Pub provided pizza for the wedding party, as they enjoyed touring the lake.

“I loved the rehearsal dinner and boat ride the night before,” Kaela remembered. “We were relaxed and able to spend quality time with our favorite people.”

Early the next morning, the ladies began getting ready at 7 a.m. They all met at Arrowwood Resort in Okoboji, where the rest of the festivities would later be held. Kaela said Cassidy Herrig saved her hair 10 days before the wedding, when previous plans fell through. “Cassidy and Brayden (from Aspasia Salon) were the perfect help—they really saved the day!”

Her makeup artists were Kelsey Staples with Okoboji Skin Care and Hannah Zaborowski with Face Foundrie, who Kaela said helped everyone feel and look extremely beautiful. “I had a lot of my bridesmaids and personal attendants come up and say how pretty they felt, which was my goal.”

Everyone was ready for the first reveal around 11:30 a.m., with wedding party pictures by Rachel Mikaela Photography to follow. Family pictures also took place on the beautiful grounds surrounding Arrowwood Resort and Brooks Golf Course. Drew Dau took drone videography and photography throughout the day.

“Rachel is absolutely amazing! This was only her second wedding in Okoboji, but she was so great – I highly recommend her,” Kaela said. “Plus, Drew is also amazing to work with. He made things go so smoothly. They both timed out everything together so well and just made everything enjoyable and fun.”

The officiant for the ceremony was Kim Wermersen, which started at 3 p.m. on the croquet court at Arrowwood Resort.

“One of the things that stands out to me the most on the day was our ceremony. Kim, our officiant, helped it run smoothly, and his wife timed out everyone walking down the aisle,” Kaela shared. “We got to be serious and silly throughout it. It was very special that we got married in front of all the people we love, especially back in the place where we first met.”

The couple displayed wedding pictures from both of their parents and all four of their grandparents at the reception. Each picture also included the matching wedding date. They also added pictures of Kaela’s Aunt Mary, her father’s parents, Tyler's uncle, and his dad’s parents .

“This was a very special part of the day for both of us and something that was a must when planning,” Tyler said.

Hy-Vee Floral created the arrangements and made Kaela’s day by delivering and arranging the flowers at the wedding and reception. Heather Baumgard of Playful Cupcaketions created a beautiful cake that was loved by all the guests.

The social hour started at 3:45 p.m., with the dinner catered by Minerva’s Restaurant taking place at 6:45 p.m., and the party started after everyone had ate. Jeff Nixx with Nixon Productions provided the music for the day.

“We actually got very lucky and did not have to change anything that wasn’t in the plan for the day,” Kaela said. “It was also very nice to have our special day be back in the place that we met in my hometown. It was so nice that all our family and friends were able to be there. The only thing I wish could have happened, would be to have it longer. We both realized the next day that we regret not being able to spend time with everyone who came.”

Tyler added, “What stands out to me was how much love we felt from so many people.”

One of the most memorable moments for the couple was their last dance, right before they exited under sparklers and laughter. It was just Tyler and Kaela on the dance floor and only the DJ in the room - one last dance to enjoy on their wedding day.

“The idea came from one of Kelsey’s videos - I loved ending our day with one more intimate moment,” Kaela said.

After a mini-honeymoon in Florida, the two are back at work in Colorado where Kaela is a speech therapist at a home health agency based out of Denver and Tyler is a sales manager with a company based out of Colorado Springs.

Wedding Advice
Both Tyler and Kaela said their special day flew by way too fast. They recommend taking time throughout the day to stop and look at the people who come to celebrate you.

“Make decisions that make you happy and don’t worry about other people’s opinions,” Kaela said. “Lastly, someone told me that ‘at the end of the day, as long as you marry your person – nothing else matters.’”

Tyler’s advice for newlyweds is to always remember the days that brought you together and always remember that you’re a team. “Never go to bed mad at each other and ALWAYS remember that she is right,” he shared. “I also told Kaela that we are starting a 2-2-2 rule, which is every two weeks, we must have a date night out of the house. Every two months, we have a weekend getaway, and every two years, we go on a week vacation.”

Kaela added that the process of changing the last name is a long process. She also said to buy an online kit for all the needed forms. “I didn’t realize all of the steps needed to make everything official,” she said.

The couple plans on traveling to Europe in the future but is waiting until everything is open. They loved their weekend away in Florida, spending two days at Disney World – Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios, being big Harry Potter and Star Wars fans. Then they spent two days at the beach and enjoyed a boat ride with a Tiki Bar tour and dolphin sightseeing.

Both are loving life together, and Kaela is thankful it was love at first sight for Tyler.

“The first thing that attracted me to Tyler was his confidence. Now, I am attracted to his hard work ethic, and his love for sarcasm at all the right times. He has the ability to make me laugh on my hardest days and lastly for pushing me to be better,” Kaela said. “Always remember you are a team. You should promise to always say I love you before going to bed. It’s you two against the world.”

Groom: Tyler Feddersen

Bride: Kaela Delperdang

Parents: Dan and Kolette Delperdang, Tom and Brenda Feddersen

Grandparents: Merlin and Kathleen Frevert, Steve and Phyllis Niehaus

Bridesmaids: Kelsey and Kourtney Delperdang, Kayla Herrig, Kalley Jenkins, Lizzie Allen, Ashley Bratsch, Madi Schneider

Flower Girl: Ayxlle Kurpgeweit

Groomsmen: Travis Hantelman, Evan Hagebock, Adam Bistrup, Nate Howard, Travis Feddersen, Max Kruse, Dakota Odermann

Ring Bearer: Rhett Feddersen

Personal Attendants: Holly Walter, Morganne Pfaffle, Krestyn Thomas

Ushers: Adam Reeves, Griffin Truslow, Marcus Christensen

Host & Hostesses: Carter Hassel, Brookanne Pfaffle, Rhonda & Greg Oleson

Officiant: Kim Wermersen

Photographer: Rachel Mikaela Photography, Sioux Falls

Videographer: Drew Dau

Florist: Hy-Vee Floral

Cake: Playful Cupcations

Hair: Aspasia, Cassidy Herrig & Brayden


Reception location: Barefoot Barge with Pizza from Portside.

Wedding location: Arrowwood Resort on the Croquet Court

Musicians: Nixon Productions

Caterer: Minerva’s Restaurant & Bar, Arrowwood Resort

Make-up: Kelsey Staples with Okoboji Skin Care and Hannah Zaborowski with Face Foundrie

Wedding theme/colors: Navy & Mauve Purple

Bridal Gown and Tuxedo: Elegance Bridal & Prom Boutique