Lake Life Review

Do we have the place for you this summer! Actually anytime of the year! For this issue, we went into the Alley's of Arnolds Park and found the Throwing Post. Have you been? YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! There is nothing to be afraid of. Just newly sharpened axes being thrown hard enough to stick on the target a good 20 feet away. Really though, what fun!

For this review we grabbed some fellow friends from United States Powertrain (USP). I thought they were more lumberjack-ish than I, and figured they would be good teammates!

Our Lake Life crew included myself (Susan), Tara and Max. The USP crew were "Can I Bring My Own Axe" - Luke, "Wore My New Kicks" - Shane and "Eyes on the Score" - JP. We rounded out to make two equal lanes of four people with two spouses. "Only Time My Axe Sticks Is On The Bullseye" - Sam and "First Try Bullseye" -Erin.

Our group's experience with axes were all different. Max, First Try Bullseye, Erin, Bullseye Sam, Eyes on the Score JP, and myself had all gone to the Throwing Post before. New Kicks Shane had gone to a similar place up in Minnesota...somewhere. And Bring My Own Axe Luke, well he throws them often in the woods, mostly to cut wood for the fireplace, but why not try to hit something with them too? Tara was our Axe throwing newbie.

Walking into the place you see the throwing lanes, of course, the walls full of signatures and then an iconic bar made out of a boat. It is beautiful and draws you to get a drink even before thinking about what lane you may be in. Boss Man, Rich and Mark, I'd Live Here If I could, greeted us with big smiles by the bar. They were ready for some axes to fly.

Once everyone there got settled with their drinks, Mark showed us all how to get the axe to spin and hit the board. We all gave it a shot before we started an official game. Personally neither of my warm ups stuck. But I was too nervous to hold up the rest!

The Throwing Post has about 9-12 games printed out on a piece of paper. The paper shares with you on how you to play a particular game and how to keep score. The teams at first were, Myself, Tara, New Kicks Shane and Bring My Own Axe Luke. We were up against Max, Bullseye Sam, Eyes on the Score JP and First Try Bullseye Erin.

I think it could have been the boys on our team that carried us...maybe? I think Tara pulled her own weight! At times, I thought maybe I did but in the end of the night, I found out I was the only one that did not hit a bullseye! For the first set of games, our team won the first 3 games. We played 50 - 30, Round the World and the Corn Hole game. Suddenly, Eyes on the Score JP says, "let's scramble the teams up a bit." Max who was also on the losing team at the time says, "Yes! Dudes versus Chicks"

Corn Hole is the first game we play as Dudes and Chicks.The Dudes win 21 to ZERO. That is right. Bullseye Sam along with the rest of the chicks didn't hit a single bullseye. While the Dudes threw THREE in a row. We made them trade lanes with us just to make sure it wasn't the lane! It didn't matter; Chicks still lost.

We then played a game of Around the World, Dudes vs Chicks. During this game, each lane probably should have each person throw with the same person on the other lane, so all is fair. But when playing Dudes vs Chicks, life isn't always fair. The "Dudes" were being chatty and enjoying their drinks, so the "Chicks" had a game plan. To get those axes flying as fast as we could! The game did last a lot longer than the others, since the Dudes were take their time. In the end, the Dudes still skunked the Chicks! "Must be the boards" was always the go-to excuse when the axe didn't stick.

BAM! After that our hour was up. It went by fast. But it was so fun! I am already getting my lane reserved when our college friends are here this summer. The rest of the group were talking about the next time they should come. I think The Throwing Post may find some new regulars! We all had a great time, and as you can see the axe will fly for all experience levels.

Back to those signatures on the walls. If anyone hits a bullseye they get to sign the wall. So at the end of the night...this is when I noticed...I was the only one to not hit one tonight!!! Next time!

The Throwing Post is open year-around on Friday and Saturdays, and in the summer you can find them there Wednesday through Saturday! They are also available for private parties and corporate events. Wouldn't you be the coolest boss to have your employee appreciation celebration at a place like this!

The age limit is 12, and they prefer close toed shoes. And No Luke you can't bring your own axe!

We all give this a thumbs up and think you should reserve your lane today! You can reserve it online at Give them a call if you have any questions; Rich and Mark were awesome!