Dive Deep Into the Passionate World of Award-Winning Author, H.D. Thomson

Multi award-winning author, H.D. Thomson loves everything about books. This local author has a passion for creating other worlds where tortured heroes and ordinary people are placed in extraordinary circumstances and over time rise to the occasion.

“Diving deep into other worlds and becoming the characters I create, where I lose myself in the writing process, gives me delight,” she said. “The characters have insurmountable events to overcome, beating the odds and then thriving.”

On April 29, H.D. Thomson released her eighth book, A Long Kiss Goodbye. She said it’s a complex story full of uncovered secrets; the plot becomes especially intriguing when the main character is attacked and operated on and is left confused on the why.

“There’s also a serial killer intertwined,” Thomson said. “But those are secrets for the reader to unravel!”

Thomson has currently published eight books and three short stories, focusing on romantic suspense, paranormal and contemporary adult romance. For those readers who love fast-paced sexy thrillers with a great plot twist, strong women and exceptional men, then she suggests reading Anxiety, the first book in her Smoke & Mirrors paranormal and romantic suspense series.

From Numbers to Words
Originally from Ontario, Canada, Thomson moved as a teenager to the heat of Arizona where she later graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Business Administration and a major in accounting. After working in the corporate world as an accountant, Thomson felt drawn towards one of her passions—books. For ten years, she owned and operated a used bookstore in Arizona called “Retro Books.”

“I have always loved books—everything by Dean Koontz, Mary Higgins Clark, Harlan Coben, Christina Dodd and Linda Howard,” Thomson shared. “I love their fast-paced, twisting plots, which have all influenced my writing style. That and my love of romance.”

In 1997, Thomson published her first book, “The Long Road Home” with The Wild Rose Press. The overall process intrigued her, leading her to publish the rest of her books on her own.

Bella Media Management was created shortly after and has become a successful business venture for Thomson, also allowing her to help other aspiring and seasoned authors. The company specializes in websites, book formatting, cover designs, video trailers, eBook conversion, editing and promotional resources for authors and small businesses.

“This is where my accounting degree has been especially beneficial,” Thomson added. “These days, I’m definitely using both sides of my brain!”

Thomson has a nonfiction book, What I Wish I Had Known About Writing, being released this upcoming fall. It is a compilation of over 100 highly accomplished authors from across the globe. Over 50 percent of the contributions have come from New York Times and USA Today Best Seller authors.

“Every author’s story is interesting and so many are uplifting, defining all the odds to have their stories published,” she shared.

One particular author grew up in the south in the 1960s. As a little girl, she loved to read but wasn’t allowed to visit the library because of her skin color. With age, she knew she wanted to be an author, but her family continued to tell her it was impossible; she needed to get a real job—one that would make money. Obstacles didn’t stop this woman.

“This woman is now a New York Times best-selling author who didn’t listen to the voices of rejection and has made a living writing,” she said. “Actually, this is advice everyone should follow—never listen to those who tell you to give up. Always keep trying.”

Thomson also said to learn the craft of writing, by reading. She suggests reading all genres of books—ones you like and ones you don’t.

“You can learn from every author; how to do things right and wrong and what works and what doesn’t,” she added.

Other avenues for authors to better their craft is to get involved with different writing guilds. For 15 years, Thomson served on the Romance Writers of America Board.

“Now, I mainly zoom and meet with my writing friends all over the country,” she said. “We help each other with ideas and our writing—when we need to bounce ideas off each other.”

While Thomson isn’t following her first love of writing, she thoroughly enjoys small-town living in Spirit Lake. Six years ago, she moved from Phoenix to Iowa, where she loves the quiet of winter but also the Lakes during the summer months.

“The Lakes are so calming,” she said. “Living here, I love being able to walk down the street at night and feel safe. In Phoenix, it wasn’t always safe. Here, people are so friendly; you know your neighbors and can count on them. There’s a sense of community that is special, which isn’t always found in other places.”

To contact H.D. Thomson or for more information on her books, visit www.hdthomson.com or find her books online at any major book providers. Her website is also a place of contact for information on Bella Media Management and the offered services.

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She has a secret. He has a darker secret. One of their secrets can get them both killed.

Avery is brutally attacked. There is no motive, no suspect. She doesn’t know who to trust. The neighbor? Her friends? What about her lover or the police? Making the wrong choice will lead to her murder.

Days later, a neighbor is found dead. His mutilated body is the second in a matter of weeks. A serial killer has hit the streets of Scottsdale, and Avery suspects her assault is somehow tied to the killings.

As she slowly unravels the truth, Avery realizes her attack is anything but normal or random. She is only one player amongst many. But does she risk confiding in anyone? What about her next-door neighbor, Luys? His act of kindness has brought them together. But is it truly kindness or something more sinister? Could he be hiding his own agenda?

Luys wants his past kept in the past. But a killer, far deadlier than any human, isn’t willing to let things go. Then when Avery is assaulted, he knows he must do something to protect her, but at what cost? There’s no going back if he dares to trust Avery with his dark history. He’ll not only expose himself but the ones he loves. And what of any relationship between them? Is it doomed from the start, leading to pain, even death?

If they join forces to find a killer, will it be enough to survive? Because before they’re done, more than one person will die. And they’ll quickly learn someone is pretending to be who they’re not and that the killer is filled with a seething need for vengeance.