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The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand

I absolutely love an Elin Hilderbrand story every year that transports me to Nantucket, a place I have never visited in real life, but could tell you so much about simply from reading all of her books. That’s how vivid her descriptions are, you taste, feel, envision everything so clearly! I also love how she can personify a place so well.

This was a fun one for me. I saw mixed reviews but I honestly loved it. The Hotel Nantucket has just been acquired by a billionaire overseas. The property is said to be cursed and haunted, but they fix it up and create the most beautiful, luxurious place.

Enter our protagonist, Lizbet. She is going through a major breakup with her long time boyfriend who was also her business partner. She needs a fresh start and Hotel Nantucket is exactly the place she’s hoping to find it as their GM! She assembles a staff of fascinating characters and they begin their quest for hotel perfection. The only thing that may stand in their way is the resident ghost, Grace (a chambermaid from 1920 who died in a fire) She can’t move on until her true story is discovered, so she will continue her haunting. There’s also hope for romance in her fresh start!

I loved the ghost element. The fun cast of characters and multiple points of view. The romance. The classic Elin food descriptions and Nantucket vibes. It’s the perfect summer read and escape.

One of Us is Dead by Jeneva Rose

I’m a big fan of reality TV and thrillers. This is a great combo of both. I love the drama and this book is essentially Real Housewives meets like Big Little Lies (definite Liane Moriarty vibes who is a favorite of mine). I also love multiple perspectives and narrators!

The cast of characters is a group of women who live in an affluent town called Buckhead. Jenny is at the center not because she has their money or status, but because she runs Glow, the high end salon that they frequent. They visit so often that they treat it as their personal salon and even host their boozy book clubs there. Shannon is newly divorced and Crystal is the twentysomething who stole her husband. Karen is the sole successful business woman who seems to have it all. Olivia is next level queen bee who tries to control everyone and acts a lot like Regina George, if she was 40 with lots of Botox. Can’t you just feel the drama about to unfold?

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from Jeneva Rose. I listened to the audiobook and that was a great choice with the various narrators. It had a lot of thriller elements which I enjoyed, but it was unique. I think it needs its own genre!

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