Lake Life Review


Oh, the places we go. Or did we go? This time KT from Broadway Market Place of Paullina came to us with the supplies to make wreaths, right here, cozied up in the office space where Lake Life is housed within the United States Powertrain building.

Broadway Marketplace didn’t do this just for Tara, Joy and I. Although she made us feel special like that, this is what she does! She said she has done Bachelorette parties, family reunions, ladies night, Bridal Showers, you name it and she is in, she will come to you! Or you can go to her! She has a beautiful shop in Paullina that has workspace for medium-sized parties.

KT has many ideas for a custom DYI party. We chose to do a wreath. She came with the back of the suburban full of supplies to make these wreaths. At her shop, she has a CNC machine that will cut wood into adorable shapes and words. She brought a few for us to choose from. AND HOW DID SHE KNOW? She brought a cow! It's like she just knew it would be perfect for Tara. Tara did make a comment that she doesn't think her husband will appreciate another cow coming in the decor. But Tara just can't help herself, she LOVES anything with cows. KT also brought a variety of artificial flowers, thistles, grasses, wheat, succulents, bunny tails, you name it; if you dug deep enough, you could find any color or texture you wanted!

Per the usual, all of these beautiful things come in and I just don't know where to start. KT wanted us to start with the painting so when our wreath’s were done, the paint would be dry. We could pick one of her CNC wooden pieces that she brought and have it incorporated into wreath. Tara jumped right in with the cow, and Joy picked a cute “hello” sign with a flower. I couldn’t do it! I didn’t know what I was doing yet with the wreath; how would I know what kind of sign I would want? So, I jumped right into the flowers. Spinning, spinning, spinning. So many pretty things, which way do I go. I feel maybe I looked lost. This might be why I get so much help. Tara noticed it right away. “Teacher’s pet I see.” I told KT…”you just don’t worry about that one over there, your help is very needed and appreciated.”

I found one beautiful flower. This one. And then a feathery plume. I just wanted that whole thing to be on there. KT suggested to pull it apart and add it in here and there. She’s so smart! I need to think more outside the box. I was just taking big things and laying them on my wreath. KT reminded us layers and different textures make things the most interesting.

While I jumped ahead to placing the artificial flowers on my wreath, Joy and Tara started painting their CNC wooden pieces. These crafts are right up Tara’s alley! Although, I did tell her to put on one of the apron’s KT brought. I thought we were all going to be able to handle it, but she had blue all over the place before one could say highland cow. Tara got her apron on and she took her wooden circle and painted it blue. She was then planning for the cow's face to be laid on top of the circle. I look over and yes, she painted the circle blue but not how I would have painted it. I would assume that everyone would have just filled the whole circle with a solid coat of paint. In less than 20 seconds, she had it painted looking like a distressed barn board. She’s so good at this.

Joy was doing more intricate painting. She left her sign, for the most part, the wood grain color, but the drawn flowers from the CNC machine, she colored those striking colors. From those colors, she then choose which flowers to go on her wreath. Just beautiful.

I took about 5 finished photo pics. Okay, I might be exaggerating but I know I had at least 3. I thought I had 2 big flowers and my feathery plume and it was done. So I took a picture. Then I set it back down and KT gave me some more ideas and fun texture thistles and grasses. So I added some more. Took a picture, put it back down and I saw the cotton balls. WHAT! How did I miss these? I added some cotton to my arrangement and every time I turned my back, KT added a few more cotton branches and grasses. (I should turn my back more often, because the more she added the better it got!)

Back up for a bit. When KT agreed to doing this DIY project with us, I had envisioned a crown of flowers. Just fill it with beautiful flowers. It would be perfect to welcome in spring! But then KT brought these wreaths made of wooden vines. I wanted to be able to see that! So I left negative space on the top left and I am in love.

As I took my, maybe fifth picture of my “finished” project, I checked in on Joy and Tara. Tara was getting her wooden piece fastened on. KT had brought her drill. Girls with tools are pretty cool! She drilled a couple of holes and Tara fastened it in. The first blue Tara used for her circle that went behind the highland cow, was a beautiful but dull blue, I don’t know which Crayola color I would have called it. Side note. Wouldn’t naming crayon colors be the most fun job ever? Tara felt it was a little too dull so she went back to the painting table and added a layer of a lighter/brighter cyan blue. Which actually made it even better. It was a rustic wood paint job that allowed a little of the dull blue to shine through. She is in her element!

KT started making bows for Tara and Joy. I have never seen such perfection happen so fast! She just whipped them right out while telling us about a new class she is dreaming up. Sneak peak…

aquarium jars! I don’t know exact details, she just kept talking about them and how they would be in jars and the more she talked the more I wanted to make one!

Peaking over at Joy, she has grasses wrapping the entire vine. Take a look at this picture. Does it not look like her wreath is alive and blooming for the spring. Tara told her it looks like she better spritz that with some water every day to make sure it stays green and alive. I just kept saying, “It looks like it is growing.” But I repeat we only used artificial flowers!

We had such a great time with KT. And all 3 of us had such different wreathes at the end. Mine looking more like fall, Joy’s is definitely for the spring. And I guess you could say Tara’s works for spring or summer, but really I would love to see that year round!

I tell you what, keep an eye out on KT's Facebook page @broadwaymarketplace. These DIY projects just scratch the surface of the things she offers! She does flowers for weddings and funerals and will travel to the Iowa Great Lakes area. Better yet, head to her store in Paullina, she has fresh cut flowers and bouquets. Broadway Market Place also is a unique boutique with clothing and gifts. It is a charming store! Broadway Market Place, 121 E. Broadway Street, Paullina, 712-441-3581.