Lake Life Likes

Our family's favorite type of games are strategy games. Occasionally, we will have family or guests over that play a game based off of mostly luck. To get my husband to play one of those usually takes a look from me that says...without nice and play the game with us. Most of the time I try to spare the bad looks and stuff the closet with strategy games.

This one looks like a game I have never seen before, cats and quilts? No judging until you try the game!

I was introduced to this game by my sister. My sister owns a quilt store, along with a retreat center, in Oelwein, Iowa, Farmer's Daughters Quilts. One of her neighbors introduced her to this game, and when her whole family fell in love with the game, she knew she had to get it for the quilt shop!

This is one addicting game. The first time you play it there feels like it has a fair number of rules. But really there is not, it is just placing quilt blocks on a board aligning patterns and colors together. After playing it the first time, midway through, the strategy part will just hit you, and by the, end the scoring happens and you dump your personal board over and say "Let's try it one more time!"

You can even play this game as a solitaire game. I personally like it best when played against at least one other person. The max amount of players is 4. It really doesn't make much of a difference if there are 4 players or just 2. The turns go until everyone's personal board (quilt) is filled up with the colorful quilt blocks. The person who scores the most points with their patch pattern combinations, color combinations, buttons and attracted cats is the "Master Quilter," and the winner of that game.

The suggested age for this is 14 and up. We purchased this game when my youngest was 12 and it is one of her favorite games. I think you could go younger if you wanted, they might not grasp all of the pattern/color combinations available but start them young and they will get a grasp of it quickly, then watch out for the easy win, it won't be so easy!

This game is a perfect game to play right after supper, even on a school night. There isn't much set up and the game only lasts about 30 minutes. Grab your game today at Put in your shopping cart notes that Lake Life sent you!

By now, you should know that anything that I like has to do with cows, right!? Well, here is a boardgame that is Farm-To-Table fun! I would say this board game is a mix between chess and checkers but involves a cow, haybales, chickapigs, and cowpies. How fun! I think this was one of our spontaneous purchases when walking through the game aisle at Walmart (something everyone does, right?). And if it has anything to do with a farm, or cows, I am sold. With my husband Tyler being a game "junkie," I didn't have to push the sale too hard, boom, threw it in our cart. We have played this game with many of our friends, and at first, everyone is skeptical, but by the end - watch out, alliances have been made and the laughs don't stop!

What is the point of the game you ask? You are in charge of a flock of Chickapigs. Strategically move your Chickapigs across the board to pass through the goal on the other side. Along your way, do everything you can to stop your opponents. And beware of the pooping cow!

Why do your Chickapigs want to cross the board? To get to the other side. Duh!