Roof Replacement Alternative Could Save A Property Owner Thousands


A vital component of any residence is a solid roof, especially in an area with a variety of weather conditions and temperature variances. One solution for increasing life expectancy of asphalt shingles is Roof Maxx, a natural, plant-based oil that replenishes evaporated petrochemical oils and restores the shingle’s flexibility to withstand the elements.

Tracey Radcliffe, a local homeowner and real estate agent with EXIT Realty Midwest, found that her roof’s color was fading. Built 20 years ago, her husband and her had selected good, quality shingles.

“For the longest time, the roof always looked like it did the day we moved in,” Tracey shared. “However, within the last six months, almost overnight, our roof looked like it had aged tremendously. There were no missing shingles, curling or roof damage that we could see, but the color was faded, and it just looked old.”

Aaron Wavra, a local certified Roof Maxx dealer, treated Radcliffe’s roof, and Tracey found it was restored to its original appearance, with darker, more even coloring on the shingles.

“They looked brand new and gone was the aged look,” she added.

Fluctuations in weather and temperature can cause asphalt shingles to contract and expand significantly. The natural oils found in the asphalt allow these contractions and expansions to happen, helping the roof protect the home. As shingles age, the oil evaporates and causes them to dry out and lose the top protective layer of granules, as well as extra flexibility.

“The aging process of the shingles leads to possibilities of cracking, breaking, molding, staining, and the home becomes more vulnerable to damage,” Wavra explained. “Additionally, shingles made in recent decades have included less asphalt and dry out and can fail faster than before. Roof Maxx was designed to keep shingles out of landfills.”

Doug Pendgraft used Roof Maxx on his 20-year-old shingles this past summer, after a friend’s recommendation. He had anticipated a roof replacement in the distant future and is finding that expense can now be prolonged.

“I had first happened upon a TV advertisement for Roof Maxx and thought the idea of it made sense, and if it worked as advertised, it could save quite a bit of money,” Doug said. “After my friend’s suggestion, we both noticed how the shingles didn’t seem as brittle as prior to application.”

Doug appreciated Wavra’s knowledge and expertise throughout the process. “Aaron is very good to work with. He answered my questions well and did some minor repair work on the roof at no extra charge, things he had noticed during his inspection,” he added.

One plus of using Roof Maxx is the significant cost savings compared to a roof replacement. Often, as much as 75-80% of the cost of a new roof can be saved and used for other home improvements. “Homeowners get excited when you tell them they can save thousands of dollars. They have lots of ideas for that money,” Wavra noted with a smile.

Financial savings is one reason Tracey is now recommending Roof Maxx to her clients.

“Cost is the primary reason we choose to try Roof Maxx and why I will recommend it to my clients. If a homeowner’s roof qualifies to be treated, it might make sense to prolong the life of the existing roof if a new, replacement roof is not in the budget yet,” Tracey said. “Roof Maxx can provide value to sellers potentially helping them net more money at closing and maybe prevent poor inspection results, as Roof Maxx does maintenance like fixing nail pops, replacing roof vent boots, etc.”

The other aspect Tracey took into consideration was the time frame. She shared that from the initial meeting to the day it was done took less than two weeks.

“Timing was very prompt. Plus, they took care with watering down our landscaping bushes and flowers, so they wouldn’t be affected by run off,” she added.

How Does Roof Maxx Work?

For someone looking to apply Roof Maxx, the first contact is with Wavra, who will then come and assess the roof. He does an on-site inspection and assessment to ensure the shingles qualify for rejuvenation as well as identify any maintenance that needs to be done. Typical maintenance includes things like installing flashing, replacing pipe gaskets, replacing missing or damaged shingles and addressing any leaks identified during the assessment.

A quote is then provided, which also depends on the size, pitch and accessibility of the roof.

On the day of the service, Aaron will bring one or two technicians to the property to prepare the surface for treatment by removing any large debris and then protecting plants and walkways around the home. The team will first access the roof via ladder, performing the maintenance needed and agreed upon, before applying the Roof Maxx rejuvenation product with an electric low noise/low pressure sprayer.

Wavra said a typical job is completed in 1.5–2 hours, with no hassles, no mess, and very little disruption at all.

“The product will quickly restore the shingles’ flexibility and waterproofing for five years guaranteed, and you can commonly apply up to three times for a 15-year life extension,” he added. “The warranty will transfer to the next homeowner if you end up moving within that time.”

Claudia Dockter enlisted Wavra’s assistance for her roof on her condo in Arnolds Park, after spending time researching Roof Maxx’s benefits.

“A lot of people sell a lot of things. I own franchises and companies and encounter a lot of different people. I was impressed with Aaron throughout the process,” she said. “His son and him did the application and it was very thorough, and I was impressed. Plus, the use of Roof Maxx keeps shingles out of the landfills a little longer.”

She’s looking forward to seeing how her roof compares to others in the homeowner association she’s a part of.

For more information on Roof Maxx, visit or contact Aaron Wavra at 507-800-0175 or