Transforming a Property into a Beautiful Home


A transformation took place on the corner of 145th Street near Spirit Lake. A property that had seen better days would discourage many visitors but when Tyler and Paige Lynn walked through the disheveled space, they saw potential.

“When we first looked at it, we saw with some hard work we could clean up the space, but we also knew we wanted to add on,” Tyler shared. “With my background, we put the home into auto CAD and played around with the floor plan and how we could make the space work for our family. It helped a lot to visualize and see the possibilities.”

The home hadn’t been lived in for several years and appeared to have been broken into at some point. But Paige said the location was perfect for them. The acreage is surrounded by DNR grasslands, and Tyler’s family owns property nearby. Paige also likes that it’s only a five-minute drive to Hy-Vee.

“We love the natural, open view, but I also love how close we are to work and to town,” she said.


The Lynn’s bought the property (as is) in March 2022 and started hauling out the contents. Along with the help of family and friends, they spent many nights and weekends filling dumpsters.

“It was a lot of work, as we did all of the clean-up and demolition,” Tyler said. “We filled ten big dumpsters over the course of a summer.”

They gutted the house to the studs and removed much of the ceiling and insulation, on the recommendation of their contractor Andy Welp, of Welp Construction out of Lakefield, MN.


The goal of the remodel was to double living space, adding 1,100 square feet to the upstairs. They added a living room, master bedroom and bath, while opening up the kitchen and dining room. The basement under the old part of the house was dry walled for a potential bedroom and a crawl space was added underneath the addition.

The only original bathroom was turned into the pantry, while a half bath was built nearby and a additional bathroom was added near the girls’ bedrooms.

“When we were brainstorming how we wanted to add onto the house and change the space, we thought of all the options,” Paige said. “I really love how it turned out, especially how the addition captured our vision and it’s perfect for our family. We now comfortably have enough room for our families at one time!”

The entire upstairs is bright and airy. Lighting pours in through the Anderson 400 series windows and French doors lead out to the eventual patio. The stone surrounding the Kozy Heat fireplace was artfully designed by Tyler Welp. The Lynn’s chose durable Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring from Carpet Plus out of Worthington.

“It’s been spilled on, painted and covered with markers and it comes out!” Paige added.

The living room opens right into the kitchen after walls were removed and a large island was added, serving as a cooking and eating space. The beautiful quartz countertops and white cabinets are from Great Lakes Countertops of Lake Park.

“We initially had picked out our appliances first, which we really liked the black, so we decided to go with the lighter cabinets,” Paige shared. “We chose quartz countertops because they’re so durable but much cheaper than marble. We also have evidence it cleans up well, including paint and marker!”

They added more cabinet space along the original kitchen wall, extending the wall a few feet on each side. The stairs leading to the basement were originally enclosed, which they opened up and removed the wall that led from the garage entrance.

“We wanted it open on both sides, rather than closed in, which really helped with the flow of the house,” Tyler explained.

The garage was doubled in size to allow for some workspace, especially without an additional standing building currently on the acreage.

The Process

It is quite the task to build or remodel a home, which can become daunting. The Lynn’s were very appreciative of their contractor Andy and the subcontractors he used throughout the process. Tyler would often stop by every day, just to check in. He said the worst part of the remodel was cleaning up the space.

“It was so bad and took a lot of hours but once you get to completion you appreciate the effort it took to get to this point,” he said. “I’m glad we took down the old drywall, as there had clearly been mice and there were spots of mold here and there. It was good to take it all down.”

During the year-long remodel, the Lynn family lived nearby with Tyler’s family.

“We so appreciate that we could stay with them,” Paige added. “It was 15 days short of a whole year and they were so good to us during that time.”

She said her hardest part was the waiting. Not just waiting for a project to be done, waiting for supplies to come in.

“You get all of these ordered but then you wait four to six months for them to arrive,” she said. “On the other hand, I loved picking out everything and getting exactly what we preferred.”

The kitchen was their main priority as they knew they wanted good cabinets and appliances. With Tyler being handy, Paige knows that he could take care of any updates in the future. Tyler and Paige transformed the pantry and installed the cabinets in the pantry and mud room.

“We really watched our budget and knew where we needed to put extra money but also knew where to save. For instance, we went with the 400 series windows because they are more energy efficient and you get what you pay for – you have your windows for a long time, while we did onyx countertops for the bathrooms,” Paige said.

The solid wood doors and windows, as well as the trim and banister for the staircase came from Bomgaars, Tyler said along with a lot of the supplies.

The tile behind the stove was installed by Tyler, which Paige said she loves.

“I saw a picture on Pinterest and thought it was really cool. I showed it to Tyler, and we found the look at Menards and I love how it is a perfect touch to the kitchen,” she said.

They said Welp Construction did an awesome job on the project, and they loved building relationships with the crew over the remodel. Tyler does recommend stopping in regularly, to make sure communication is continuously flowing.

“We totally trusted them, but it made easier for me and them to stop in and say I prefer the outlets here or that’s not the color we had thought the stone was,” he shared. “I was really glad I had stopped right before they poured the garage addition. We had talked about it prior, and it was on one drawing, but didn’t get relayed to everyone. They were able to quickly make the change and add the slight angle we were wanting. Otherwise, our home would’ve looked totally different.”

Paige recommends not sweating the small stuff. She said it helps that Tyler and her have similar styles and didn’t disagree on anything major.

They moved into the transformed house in February 2023 and have loved making the space their family’s home. Their two young girls love their bedrooms and play space and the whole family loves the wide-open area surrounding their home.

“We are so glad we did this and look forward to making changes to the acreage over the years,” Tyler said.


By Brandi Danielson
Lead Designer and Owner
Great Lakes Countertops and Kitchens